Baghdad: Suicide Attack on Shia Pilgrims killed Dozens


BAGHDAD – At least 40 people got killed in a suicide attack on Shia pilgrims. More than 60 got injured. The attack was carried out in a crowded market in city’s northern district.

According to officials, the target of a suicide bomber was a tent where Shia pilgrims were gathered to pay their respects to Imam Hussain, Prophet Muhammad’s grandson who was martyred in the 7th century.

The suicide bomber detonated his explosive vest during the lunchtime when the tent was fully crowded.

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and (ISIS) has claimed the responsibility for Saturday’s suicide bombing.

ISIS said in a statement, that they had targeted the middle of a gathering in Baghdad’s Shaab area on Saturday.

Saturday’s suicide attack is the deadliest to hit Iraqi capital since the month of July when a suicide attack in Baghdad killed more than 300 people.

The latest suicide bombing came just before when Iraqi forces are preparing for an offensive in Iraq’s northern region on Mosul, which is the last ISIS-controlled major city in Baghdad.