Helicobacter pylori – A Stomach Bug’s Story


For several decades, stress and spicy foods were known as the reason of ulcers. In 1982, it was discovered by scientists that the major cause of an ulcer is the bug called Helicobacter pylori.

H. pylori is the pathogenic bacterium enters into the body, to colonize the stomach in order to damage the lining. Consequently, the acidic fluid can easily pass through the lining to cause infections.

Contaminated water or foods are the sources to cause people infected. Some people don’t show the symptoms of ulcers for years, but they carry this bug. Some never can get ulcers even they have it.

Dull feeling and heartburn are the main symptoms of an ulcer. Antibiotics and antacids are the drugs that can use to treat this disease. After the entire treatment, you must re-test in order to make sure of complete clearance of the bug.

Moreover, to protect yourself from this infection; you must need to avoid unclean water and food. Wash your hands prior to eating is one of the best habits to protect yourself from multiple infections.

Stomach cancer and H. pylori association has created a center of attention worldwide. H. pylori promotes cancer due to long term infection with this germ. The onset of stomach cancer is not only due to H. pylori but different factors such as poor lifestyle is the basis to make the disease worse. It can only be prevented by the eradication of the stomach bug.

So it is considerable to get a good understanding of the clinical mechanism of diseases in order to develop further ways for the treatment and prevention.