Five Futuristic Tech Inventions

Futuristic Tech Inventions
Futuristic Tech Inventions

Today we are presenting you with five new futuristic tech inventions that are coming to market. These new innovations are paving the way and trending up a storm of anticipation!

Learn more about these futuristic new tech inventions.

0:05 – Fotokite Phi – – A tethered quad-copter for capturing aerial footage.
2:30 – Simo Mini – – 4-in-1 3D printing pen with solder, burner, and cutting attachments.
5:13 – SmartHalo – – Transform your ordinary bike into a smart bike with navigation.
9:30 – FABtotum PRISM – – The first 3D printer that features: cutting, milling, and scanning.
12:32 – iBackPack – – The ultimate smart backpack featuring: GPS navigation, built-in battery, speaker, USB ports, Bluetooth locator.